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Mid-Continent Conductor has established three permanent operating locations in the Rockies and two permanent operating locations in the Mid-Continent to allow the company to offer its customers local service at a local price. Additionally, the company has years of experience mobilizing crews and equipment to operate for brief as well as long-term opportunities in remote locations. No matter the geography, Mid-Continent Conductor strives to provide its customers with the highest quality service at the best possible overall value.

1285 E 335 S

P.O. Box 1935

Vernal, UT 84078

Ph: 435-789-7223

Fax: 435-789-9673

DJ Basin & Power River Basin

22891 Weld County Rd 23 ¾

PO Box 386

Milliken CO, 80543

Ph: 435-789-7223

12485 Memorial Road NW

Calumet, OK 73014

Ph: 405-893-2656

Fax: 405-893-2586